Teacher Pages

Please use the links below to find more information on curriculum for each grade level/subject area at Saints Philip & James School.

Teacher Grade/Subject  
Mrs. Bargowski Pre-K VISIT PAGE
Mrs. Carrig Grade 1 VISIT PAGE
Mr. Crouse Grade K-8 PE and Health, Grades 6 & 8 Religion VISIT PAGE
Mrs. Garofalo Grade 2, Grade 3 Religion VISIT PAGE
Mrs. Laquintano Grade 5 VISIT PAGE
Miss Lynch Kindergarten VISIT PAGE
Mrs. Nelson Special Education, Math 7, Math Support Grades 6 & 8 VISIT PAGE
Ms. O’Connell Grade 2 Science and Social Studies, Grade 3 VISIT PAGE
Mrs. Scarponi Grade 4 VISIT PAGE
Mr. Shick Grades 6-8 Social Studies VISIT PAGE
Mr. Smith Grades 6-8 Math VISIT PAGE