Student/Parent Handbook

Saints Philip and James School helps students believe in God and themselves, to care about their neighbor and their world, and to excel as students and citizens of this world and His Kingdom.

This handbook exists to foster the efficient operation of Saints Philip and James School. To meet this objective, the school administration is given flexibility and the ability to exercise discretion. In appropriate circumstances, the Pastor and Principal have the discretion to take actions other than those specified in the handbook. This handbook is not intended and should not be considered to create any additional rights for students or parent/guardians.

This handbook is subject to change at any time when determined to be necessary by the school administration. If changes are made to the handbook, parents/guardians will be notified promptly via our newsletter, and/or PowerSchool.

This handbook is intended to acquaint students and parents with the philosophy, policies, programs and regulations of Saints Philip and James School. Enrollment in the student body of Saints Philip and James indicates the acceptance of these policies and regulations by the students and their parents. All are expected to be familiar with the contents of this guidebook and abide by the rules set forth.

Observance of the regulations outlined will create a more efficient and pleasant school environment that will be beneficial to all in the Saints Philip and James community.