All books, including workbooks, must be cared for and kept neat. If a book is lost or destroyed, the cost of replacement is the responsibility of the student and parent(s). Textbooks are loaned to the student who is responsible for their proper care. All students must have a backpack/book bag, or similar carrier for taking books to and from school.


Most grades for students in Grades 1 through 8 are recorded numerically by teachers. Semesters and final grades are averaged. Students in grades 6-8 will also be graded on a mid-term exam as well as a final exam for each subject.


Saints Philip and James School utilizes the Diocesan web-based record-keeping program, PowerSchool. Parents are reminded to check student progress on PowerSchool regularly. Teachers will input all assisgnments and grades using PowerSchool. Parents have the capability to access student’s progress, assignments, and report cards via this system.

A PowerSchool Disclaimer notice is available via our web site. Once the disclaimer form is received, user names and passwords will be sent to the parent. This Disclaimer form need only be filled out once.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued to students in Grades 1 through 8 four times per year. All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will consult with the principal at least twice a school year, to track progress. Kindergarten students will receive report cards three times a school year and pre-kindergarten students will receive progress reports throughout the school year.

Explanation of Grades

Subject grades will be indicated numerically. (Grades 3-8):

  • A+……100-97
  • A………96-93
  • B+……..92-89
  • B………88-85
  • C+…..84-80
  • C……79-75
  • D……74-70
  • F…….69 and below

Report Cards for grades 1 and 2 use the following code for all subject areas:

  • O – Outstanding
  • VG – Very Good
  • G – Good
  • S – Satisfactory
  • N – Needs Improvement
  • U – Unsatisfactory

The code for a Kindergarten report card is:

  • C – Consistently Observed
  • S – Sometimes Observed
  • √ - Practice and Support Needed
  • N/A – Not assessed during this marking period

Progress reports are issued for pre-kindergarten students 3 times each year. The code for Pre-K is the same as Kindergarten.