Santa loves STREAM!

12-14-2018School Happenings

First Grade built and tested their parachutes for Santa. Santa will be prepared for anything on Christmas Eve thanks to our young engineers!


St. Nicholas Day

12-06-2018School Happenings

December 6th is the feast of Saint Nicholas. In parts of Europe, children put their shoes out the night before in hopes that he will put some treats in them. Our students left their "shoes" in the hallways last night, and, sure enough, Saint Nicholas visited!

Congratulations JV Girls A Basketball

12-04-2018School Happenings

Congratulations to the Saints JV Girls A basketball team. They won their season opener!

Budding Meteorologists in 4th Grade

12-03-2018School Happenings

The weather is crazy up in Fourth Grade! Our budding meteorologists are tracking a hurricane.


6th Grade Sumerian Cylinder Seals

12-03-2018School Happenings

Mrs. O'Sullivan's sixth grade Social Studies class creating their own Sumerian cylinder seals.