Happy Halloween!

10-31-2019School Happenings

Grades 6-8 had a blast at their annual Halloween Dance. All students dressed in costume for the Halloween parade today and boogied down to Halloween hits.


Pumpkin Patch

10-29-2019School Happenings

Our wonderful Pre-K parents brought the pumpkin patch to SSPJ! All of the Pre-K classes ventured outside to pick out their pumpkins. We spent the morning learning about pumpkins, painting and decorating them, singing songs and sharing special snacks!

Egg Drop Competition 2019

10-09-2019School Happenings

This year, students in grades 3-7 competed. Each student built a container to hold a raw egg. The containers were dropped from the second floor tournament-style to see whose egg was last to break. Congratulations to Blake and Agata for their winning designs!